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*There is a short pause after the phone picks up, as if the person on the other end of the phone is unfamiliar with the device. When the voice - a girl's voice - speaks, however, her tone is very enunciated and precise (if wary and confused)... almost as if she's somehow capitalizing every word she speaks. Somehow.*

This is... not where I am supposed to be located, in this hive. This is not how I am intended to be.

If this is one of the many hypothetical afterlives beyond the Medium it is certainly one whose timing could be more exact.

[Action, to 916 Bilko Boulevard.]

*A tall, willowy girl with dark auburn hair is wandering through the house in a daze, looking at all the photos in utter incomprehension. She's all-too-often looking at herself in mirrors - looking at her hands - and running her hands through her hair, pausing just above and behind her temples as if something is missing. She probably hasn't noticed you.*

[Action, everywhere else]

*That same tall, willowy girl is out walking through town in the middle of the road. She's no longer running her hands through her hair or looking at her own reflection, but she is looking at everything around her with an expression that seems half wonder, half horror and half consternation. Yes, that's three halves. Deal with it.

She shields her eyes with her hand and looks up at the sun.*
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