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It's my understanding that the human equivalent of 12th Perigees Eve also involves the reception and distribution of items as a display of affection or acknowledgment of an existent relationship, yes?

Are there any particular gifts that appropriately mark the season in a traditional fashion or can they be anything at all? And how intently must one keep the identity of their present a secret prior to its reveal?

[Action, 916 Bilko Boulevard]

*You may hear the quiet click-click-click of knitting needles from inside Kanaya's room, interspersed with occasional sounds of frustration. You may also see that the hallway has a pile of colorful balls of yarn which shrinks steadily day after day. What could she be up to?*

[Action, around town]

*There is a young troll girl walking around town with a very large bag in her arms. She seems to be discreetly trying to avoid attention, particularly from those she knows, but in doing so she is only making herself more suspicious. If you are an Alternian troll that she recognizes, she will likely try to speed by if possible.*

[Action, later]

*The contents of that bag may be revealed later, as Kanaya heads to each of her friends' homes in turn to drop off an individually wrapped hand-knitted scarf. The construction is a bit amateurish, and any special patterns or pictures are probably more abstract representations than accurate portrayals, as she's only just learned, but they should be fluffy and warm regardless.

The scarf patterns are as follows:

Cut for length! )
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*Truth be told, you do not CONFRONT anything.

In fact, you are quite happily minding your own business when you are suddenly swept up in the advance of a relentless, amorphous foe.

After a brief moment of struggle and panic, your most base fight-or-flight reflexes dull with the discovery that not only can you breathe in this sticky crimson abductor - if it can indeed be called that - but that it actually doesn't taste half bad when you try to consume it. It's kind of cherry-flavored.

Of course it is slimy and sticky and your outfit is ruined and you are covered in gel and being dragged Gog knows where.

The only solution is to find your nearest fellow captive and complain vigorously.*


This is unexpected.

And extremely adhesive.


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