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[Phone, Open]

As the days persist and wind on, I become increasingly convinced that my initial theory - that panscrubbed individuals in this town will only wear the most excruciatingly dreary, soporific and otherwise dull accouterments to be found this side of Alternia - is vexingly accurate.

In other words, I have ransacked every last alcove and cranny in this human hive and have found absolutely nothing worth wearing on a day-to-day basis, let alone an event where formal attire is mandated of us.

Do more attractive garments exist anywhere in this town, or will I be forced to take up needle and thread to make them myself if I am to have anything remotely suitable?

[Phone, filtered to Homestuck!Kids and Trolls. And... Davesprite, too. Sure, why the hell not?]

As you all have undoubtedly learned from the gossip and erstwhile scuttlebutt at the schooling block, there is an event called Homecoming scant days away to which we are all expected to attend. Considering certain other events that have transpired in this town, I would normally be wary of such an invitation but from what I have read of this, airquotes, Homecoming, it doesn't seem nearly as ominous or troublesome as it might be.

Actually, I think it could be fun. For all of us.

And given that formal, or at the very least somewhat nice apparel is required of all of us - and also given that I am aware most of you could not possibly give an airborne expletive about your appearance under normal circumstances - I would be more than happy to offer my assistance in the matter.

Really, I would just like to help you all look nice. All of you.

That isn't too much to ask, is it?


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