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[916 Bilko Boulevard, Action]

*It's very early in the morning, when all good human children should be sleeping soundly. Except that if, for whatever reason, you're walking through the halls in the dead of night, you might hear very troubled sounds from within Kanaya's room. It sounds like she's having a nightmare - an extremely vivid nightmare.

But even if you aren't in the hallways late at night, you might definitely hear it when the nightmare murmurings build to a frightened, panicked yelp - followed immediately by a crashing sound.

Kanaya is now lying on the floor of her bedroom, startled awake by falling out of her bed. ...what's also startling is that her hands are gray now when she looks at them. And she has horns again on the top of her head. Kanaya is once again a troll, meaning she now actually looks like she does in her icons. Oh, and now she'll have terrible nightmares every night without sopor.

If you come into the room you might find her looking at herself in the mirror or sitting in bed hugging her knees to her chest because she really doesn't want to fall asleep again.*

[Voice, Later]

I must admit I found the whole thing dubious, but it looks like this town is just as capable of restoring to us that which it took away, as much as it was capable of taking it in the first place. It's kind of a relief to have my troll body back, though I imagine I'll earn more stares from passersby as I go about everyday business.

In an altogether unrelated question, does anybody have an idea where one might come to acquire sopor slime? Say, enough to fill a small recuperacoon?


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