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*Kanaya's voice sounds as precise and collected as ever... for the most part. If someone knows her very, very well they might be able to hear that she's speaking slightly faster than normal.* Hello, everybody.

I hope that the adolescent populace (and perhaps some of the adults as well) enjoyed themselves at the hiveapproaching soiree this past weekend, and that they all learned valuable lessons whether personal or otherwise. For example, I am now aware that it is in poor judgment to trust human beverages no matter how sweet and fruitlike they may smell.

It was heartening to see the combined attendees make some attempt at "cleaning up," so to speak, and I would like to remind you all that there is no reason to cease caring about your appearance simply because there is no formal event to attend. This may have been a good start but I dearly hope that you will all continue going forward.

If you need sound advice on the matter I will gladly render it.

[Private to Karkat 1338 Benny Road]

*And here, Kanaya sounds more outright distressed.* Karkat? Karkat, are you there? I believe I have found myself in a rather severe dilemma and I'm not altogether certain how to proceed.

I can't really offer any explanations for my thoughts at the time, if I was in fact thinking anything at all, but I kissed her. Momentarily. For a brief fleeting instant that might as well not have existed except that I am positive it did.

This has become a very precarious scenario.

*Kanaya believes she has just phoned Karkat. She has, in fact, phoned his entire house.*


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